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Good health is pivotal to a full life. For the most part, what we do with our days – whether it be working, raising a family, caring for loved ones or simply enjoying a well-earned holiday – revolves around feeling healthy and well.

So when our healthy bodies are compromised in some way, perhaps suddenly through a work or motor vehicle accident, or over a longer period of time, as happens with some mental health issues, our lives can be upended.

At mlcoa, we understand how stressful health problems can be, both personally and professionally. There can be pain and discomfort and fear for the future, and possibly issues with diagnosis or treatment. Colleagues and loved ones can also be negatively affected by a person’s health condition.

This is why it’s so important to gain clarity about your injury or illness – and that is the aim of our independent medical opinion services. When you or your employer are clear about your rehabilitation or options for returning to work, everyone can begin to take action to remedy the situation and move forward.

Because when it comes to health and life

clarity is everything

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An independent medical assessment aims to provide a more complete picture of your illness or injury which helps with decisions about your rehabilitation, return to work, or claim.

Your wellbeing is at the centre of the assessment, as we seek a more complete picture of:

  • Diagnosis
  • Further investigations needed
  • Treatment required

The medical specialists who perform these independent assessments are highly experienced. Our national team, covering every major medical specialty and sub-specialty, have delivered trusted and impartial opinion since 1986.

Learn more about what an independent medical assessment is and what to expect at the appointment

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