Risk assessment services

We offer a range of risk assessments that help you to manage workplace risks in relation to the work environment or a person’s health.

Doctor physiotherapist assisting a male patient while giving exercising treatment massaging the arm of patient in a physio room
Fitness to Work assessment

When an employee has a non-work-related condition that’s affecting their ability to carry out their role, an employer may well ask if they are able to do their job in a safe manner. They may also wonder if their employee’s diagnosis is accurate, whether they’re receiving an evidence-based approach to treatment, or if they need to fill their position to maintain workplace productivity.

At mlcoa, our independent medical specialists can develop a Fitness to Work report to help clarify these questions and identify:

  • Advice regarding the employee’s functional capacity and any recommended work restrictions, accommodations, workplace and self-care interventions
  • What actions can be taken to support an employee’s ability to perform their role
  • Medical advice that could make a difference to how soon the employee recovers and returns to full or suitable employment duties
Worksite assessment

A Worksite assessment can be conducted by a mlcoa medical specialist of your choice so that they can thoroughly understand the demands of a workplace. They will then provide a balanced opinion in regard to such areas as:

  • Workplace injury
  • Suitable and/or pre injury duties
  • Return to work capacity, including graduated return to work programs
  • Workplace advice and guidance around safety and health
  • Education on completion of workplace tasks
Woman working on laptop computer at ergonomic standing desk. Female professional working at her desk with male colleague working at the back
Two warehouse workers correctly using a two person lift to move a pallet
Allied Health services

mlcoa is able to engage a range of allied health professionals to conduct a broad suite of risk management and/or mitigation services. This includes Activities of Daily Living Assessments, Functional Capacity Evaluations, and Psychological services to name a few. In addition, these services can be offered independently or as a combined approach with your choice of medical specialist.

By utilising a combination of experts, we are able to build tailored solutions to simplify the claims transactions process; offer robust holistic solutions; enhance the stakeholder experience; and positively impact timeframes to maximise the health outcome of an individual.

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