Health insights

Our specialised advisory service can provide you with clarity about complex cases across a wide range of circumstances, for informed decision making and better health outcomes.

With expertise across all major medical specialties, our independent medical consultants can assist you to support your cases that don’t require an independent medical examination.

We work with all parties managing a claim to help answer key questions, inform decision making and achieve positive results. Our customers rely on our expertise and practical approach in a range of situations, including:

When you need peer to peer advice

We offer a clinical support service that allows both the treating doctor and your client to access a second opinion from a medical expert.

This service is particularly useful for clients with a physical injury and/or mental health diagnosis that is uncertain, or they are not recovering as expected.

The treating doctor can access prompt peer to peer evidence-based guidance, which can include a review of case material, a phone discussion with the specialist and provision of a comprehensive report detailing:

  • Current diagnosis
  • Prognosis and recovery times
  • Capacity and return to work options
  • Recommendations on how best to progress the case

This clinical support service supports the treating doctor’s clinical decision-making to help progress your clients recovery and improve the claims outcome for all.

When you need injury management strategies

Our independent medical specialists can work with you to form strategies for resolving complex cases. Specialists may provide medical advice for an individual claim, injury management strategies for a group of claims of a similar nature, or education around types of medical conditions. Our specialists can attend your office in person to review your cases with you or meet with you via video conference, providing you with flexible access to a range of medical experts.

When you need a whole person approach

Our panel of experts includes allied health professionals that can provide vocational rehabilitation services when you need a whole person approach to returning a person to sustainable employment. These allied health specialists can work as a multidisciplinary team, to identify and help to implement suitable employment options, with the aim to return a person to the workforce at least at the level of their pre-injury employment.

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