Independent medical examinations

Shot of a female doctor explaining something to her patientAn Independent Medical Examination involves an independent medical specialist from our highly regarded expert panel assessing a person in order to arrive at a clinical opinion about their injury or medical condition.

Conducted by the most appropriate medical specialist of your choice, the independent medical examination is comprehensive, clinically robust and undertaken in a friendly and supportive environment. Once complete, it is submitted to you as a report which guides your decision-making.

These comprehensive assessments answer all your questions, and can determine:

  • Diagnosis
  • Causation
  • Treatment needs
  • Liability
  • Prognosis
  • Fitness to work
  • Return to work options
  • Permanent impairment
  • Any other relevant issue
mlcoa can offer a variety of assessment types, depending on your needs

Types of Independent Medical Examinations



for cases that require a single specialist opinion

Integrated assessment

Integrated assessment

for cases that require independent assessments with two or more specialties. The consultants will liaise with each other and communicate their findings, considering the other specialists opinion when completing their report

Panel assessment

Panel assessment

through a collaborative assessment process a team of consultants deliver a holistic opinion. In addition to their individual reports, a summary is provided detailing the specialists combined view for the case

Delivery methods

In person Our offices are situated at more than 50 permanent national locations, including every capital city as well as many regional locations. To view our national coverage, please see our national locations map.

Telehealth Physical distance is no barrier at mlcoa, as our telehealth solutions connect people everywhere. mlcoa telehealth brings together a medical specialist and the person needing an independent assessment without them being in the same location, through the use of secure communication technology. A telehealth assessment is simply a medical opinion delivered differently, offering you flexibility and freedom of greater choice, while still ensuring a high quality and robust report, that offers insightful and actionable advice for better health outcomes. Further information regarding our telehealth services is available here.

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