Benefits we offer

With experience and expertise built over 35+ years in Australia, we offer our medical specialists many unique benefits:

In-house support for superior reports
  • Full training and induction for new Consultants
  • Guidance from fully trained quality reviewers
  • Typing and report production team
  • Reviews with feedback before finalising
  • Peer review and mentoring
End-to-end management of the process
  • You choose your consulting days
  • Work your own hours
  • Choose what type of work suits you
  • We manage your appointment schedule
  • Work through our secure online Consultant Portal environment
  • Typing support
  • We prepare and store your medical files
Professional medical rooms
  • Modern, fully equipped consulting rooms in all capital cities
  • Carefully selected regional rooms
  • Full staff support services
  • Secure facilities
  • Work interstate
Professionally stimulating, personally rewarding
  • Challenging, varied and stimulating work
  • Full induction and training
  • Assessments that match your specialty and expertise
  • Close cross-specialty collaborations
  • Opportunities to work internationally, either while traveling or within Australia for overseas customers
  • Feedback and suggestions welcome and valued
Broad variety of work
  • Challenging range of work from Australia and abroad
  • State and federal government work
  • Veterans’ Affairs, income protection, total and permanent disability
  • Face-to-face and Telehealth assessments
  • Integrated assessments with other specialties
  • Panel assessments
  • Direct customer engagement through meetings and delivery of educational events
Access to senior management
  • Business and after hours access to state and territory General Managers
  • National Director of Consultant Services and her team
  • Access to the office of the Chief Medical Officer
Opportunities for professional development and CPD points
  • Feedback on your reports
  • Peer report review
  • IME training guides
  • Peer review groups
  • Permanent impairment training
Protecting your privacy
  • Your personal information is held in strict confidence by an ISO accredited organisation
  • ‘Consultant profiles’ for marketing purposes are approved by you before release to customers
  • Guaranteed 30-day payment in arrears for all finalised reports
  • Debt collection management
  • No waiting for customers to pay first
  • Remuneration for no shows and non-standard services, such as complex assessments

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