woman looking at her phoneOur well-established telehealth services are the independent medical opinions you are used to drawing on to support your clients, just delivered differently.

They are independent medical examinations. They are Fitness to Work assessments. They are allied health services. They are all of these and more – delivered fully or partially via online video conferencing platforms and/or telecommunications. And just like a ‘regular’ mlcoa independent medical assessment service, our telehealth assessment puts the person being assessed at the centre of care.

A successful telehealth appointment is not just about the technology. Equally important is the extensive know-how of our team members and specialists. We focus on smart triaging and identifying the safest method for each person in an objective and considered manner.

A telehealth assessment is designed by the specialist for each person and their unique requirements and environment. This ensures a high quality and robust report that offers insightful and actionable advice for better health outcomes.

How does it work?

mlcoa telehealth processJust like our in-person appointments, we follow a rigorous process to ensure we’re able to gather the facts and deliver an informed and impartial opinion to complete the picture for each and every case.

The delivery method is the only change – we use multiple channels (i.e. online or phone) and different locations (person’s home, consultation room) to create a long-distance visual connection between the person being assessed and the specialist. We still bring you the same trusted service, and we’re available to support and guide you and your client from start to finish.

If you’d like to learn how this works in practice, please view our telehealth videos.

Types of telehealth assessments

Our specialist will select the optimal telehealth option for your needs and unique situation. Our goal is the same as yours – to deliver an expert medical opinion that helps you make informed decisions and achieve better health outcomes.

The options include:

  1. Telephone consultation
  2. Unassisted video consultation
  3. Assisted video consultation, tapping into our allied health network
  4. A combination of options to enable an interim assessment with a follow-up in-person assessment when possible, to complete the process.

In most cases, a telehealth assessment will be available to you. Occasionally, however, our specialist will conclude that none of these options will provide the best result for you or the person you’re supporting. In that case we’ll recommend an in-person consultation.

Want to know more?

The mlcoa approach to telehealth is led by our parent company, MedHealth. You can learn more about our comprehensive approach by reading our telehealth IME white papers –  The Virtual IME and How we use virtual assessments and are they here to stay?

Make a booking

To choose an mlcoa telehealth solution, use any of our flexible booking options: phone us on 1800 652 621, email or visit our online booking portal, vault.

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