Learning and development

As an industry leader, mlcoa is committed to offering our customers ongoing medical education and training services, tailored to your workplace. We firmly believe that training and development drive better claims outcomes, which is why we invest so strongly in this area.

We constantly update our educational events to reflect current medical topics that are of strong interest to our customers. These free sessions are a great way to gain a broad, theoretical understanding of a particular health issue, while accompanying case studies are presented for more practical discussion and learning.

mlcoa offers:
  • Events and webinars – We drive better outcomes via regular events in capital cities and regional centres, plus webinars that can be viewed online
  • Articles and papers – Our specialists and thought leaders share their expertise, and our commitment to evidence-based medicine and positive case outcomes
  • Customised education and support – We work with our customers throughout the year to identify your unique needs and provide tailored support through channels including face-to-face discussions, webinars and podcasts.

Please check out our Events page for details and registration on the next available course near you.


mlcoa’s “vault” provides our customers with a fast and secure online appointment and report service, along with access to valuable resources.

Our vault provides you with a speedy way to:

  • Book appointments online
  • Search our consultants and view their résumé
  • Upload your referral and paperwork
  • Cancel or reschedule selected appointments
  • Download your medical reports

Our vault is also a valuable resource centre. Our customers – through their own password-protected account – have access to a wealth of supporting material, such as our medical opinions library, question design library and presentations from our free educational events.

To register, please complete the vault access registration form.

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