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Medication use in Australia

Medications can treat or prevent illness, in addition to allowing many to live with disease and increase their lifespan.

But side by side with improving health and quality of life are the risks involved with taking pharmaceuticals. These include serious harm if medications are taken the wrong way and/or are not monitored properly by a therapeutic drug expert.

Unsafe medication practices and prescription drug errors are a leading cause of injury and avoidable harm in our health care system, in addition to the unwanted side effects and drug dependency*.

With an ever-increasing range of therapeutic options, the complexity of the factors related to their prescription and use will continue to grow.

* Alcohol, tobacco & other drugs in Australia, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, December 2020, web report.

A solution

When developing a recovery plan for an injured or ill person, consideration of their medication regime may be important to help improve their health. A review undertaken by an expert pharmacologist or pharmacist will provide advice to ensure the right medicine is being taken, and that it is being used correctly. Our range of services assists with managing medication usage through injured person centric solutions.

Medication Review

Our Medication Reviews provide fast access to our independent experts to allow better understanding of the impact prescription drugs may be having on a person.

This service can be accessed by a treating doctor, insurer or employer looking to support someone when there are health concerns associated with medication intake. It can be booked as a separate service, or as an add-on to an independent medical assessment, providing an extra safeguard in a person’s overall care and recovery plan.

The Medication Review service is suitable for people with any type of personal injury claim, whether related to a work or motor vehicle accident or an income protection case, or a medical condition which may be affecting their capacity or safety at work.

This service provides clinical advice and support about:

  • Suitability of a prescribed medication
  • Dosage and duration
  • Correct use and storage of pharmaceuticals
  • Medication alternatives
  • Lifestyle factors that may impact usage
  • Side effects of medicines
  • Whether a medication should be discontinued
  • Management strategies to avoid dependence and complications
  • Impact on the person’s ability to perform the inherent duties of their work

Our team will advise on the optimal way to perform the review, which may be an in person consultation, telehealth or a comprehensive desktop file review, and if it would assist to include liaison with their treating general practitioner or specialist.

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