What we do

mlcoa’s purpose is to deliver expert medical opinions, and the power of facts, to complete the picture of injury and illness.

mlcoa provides the expert medical opinions our customers need to complete the picture, and make informed decisions. By gathering the missing facts and bridging the information gap, we help you gain clarity – clarity of diagnosis, clarity of investigations needed, and clarity of treatment required.

mlcoa is the largest provider of independent medical opinions in Australia. Our national team, covering every major medical specialty and sub-specialty, has more than 35 years of experience in delivering consistently high levels of medical opinion reporting services.

Every opinion we offer represents insightful medical advice you can act on. This approach empowers our customers to make informed decisions and achieve better health and business outcomes.

We offer a range of solutions, including:

Independent medical examinations

This is an assessment of an individual by an independent specialist to arrive at a clinical opinion regarding their injury or medical condition. mlcoa offers a variety of assessments depending on the needs of the case

Health insights

We offer a range of specialist advisory services to help in navigating complex health management situations. The aim of these services is to improve the claims experience for all participants

Fitness to work & risk assessments

We offer a range of assessments that help organisations manage risks in relation to the work environment or a person’s health. These include Fitness to Work and Worksite Assessments


A telehealth assessment is a medical opinion delivered differently, offering you flexibility and choice, while ensuring insightful and actionable advice for better health outcomes

Learning and development

We pride ourselves on being an education partner, offering our customers free educational events, plus access to a wealth of resources (such as a medical conditions library) and assistance with question design

Together, these solutions provide insightful and actionable medical advice.

At mlcoa, we deliver our services at more than 60 locations across Australia. We are a truly national provider; we are where you need us to be, when you need us. Our team works for you.

We don’t stop there.

While mlcoa offers customers a range of established service offerings, we are proud of our focus on innovation through our dedicated Research and Innovation division and our partnerships with workplace rehabilitation providers, actuarial data analysis providers and employment services providers. These partnerships enable us to package services in a coordinated, effective and timely manner.

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