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mlcoa provides insightful and actionable medical
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Our long and proud history stems from the trusted and enduring
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Who we are

mlcoa is the largest provider of independent medical opinions in Australia. Our national team, covering every major medical specialty and sub-specialty, delivers trusted and impartial opinions to fill information gaps and provide a complete picture for each and every case

Our specialists

mlcoa is the largest provider of independent medical opinionsOur expert panel of more than 350 highly regarded independent medical consultants are carefully selected from across a broad range of specialties. We invest significantly in their training and mentoring to enable a consistent and premier service.

Notably, our medical consultants are experts in all the major medical and allied health specialties, meaning mlcoa offers the most comprehensive range of independent medical opinions in Australia.

What we do

mlcoa is the largest provider of independent medical opinions in Australia
Independent medical examinations

Impartial and robust advice to inform reliable decision-making around a person’s rehabilitation, recovery and return to work.

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Advisory services

Highly customised specialist advisory services to help gain clarity and form strategies in relation to complex health management situations.

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Risk assessment services

We provide a full suite of assessments to manage workplace risks in relation to the work environment or a person’s health and wellbeing.

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A telehealth assessment is a medical opinion delivered differently, offering you flexibility and choice, while ensuring insightful and actionable advice for better health outcomes.

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Learning and development

As an industry leader, we offer our customers ongoing, accredited medical education and training services, tailored to your workplace requirements.

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Who we help

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Improving the outcomes and performance of our

Insurer and employer customers

We are best placed to provide you with a more complete picture of illness and injury. Our experience is unmatched and our portfolio of services are constantly evolving, in response to your needs.

We carefully manage the selection, recruitment and ongoing engagement and training of our expert panel of medical experts. Coupled with our range of services, our customers can be assured of medical advice that is always insightful and actionable, wherever you are in Australia.

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Client-centred services to support

People with injury or illness

Health problems can be stressful, so our aim is to give you clarity about your injury or illness. That way, you can be clear about your options and begin to move forward.

Our independent medical opinion services will give you or your employer a clear idea of your rehabilitation or return to work options.
Everyone will be better off, knowing what actions to take to remedy your situation.

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Tailored, timely and local services for

Military members and veterans

Our independent medical specialists work with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs to help in the impartial assessment of a veteran’s medical condition as part of a compensation claim. Our aim is always to provide high quality, fit for purpose services so that we can deliver as positive an experience as possible for veterans and their families.

With the agreement of a veteran or member of the military, we will provide a medical specialist of your choice to examine you in order to establish a definitive health assessment. A report from the assessment helps with decisions about your claim. Our team of experts are trained to do all they can to put you at ease and help you to understand the appointment process.

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Coronavirus COVID-19 update

Coronavirus COVID-19 update

As a business dealing in healthcare, mlcoa already have protocols in place to mitigate risk and look after our people, our customers and the people they are supporting with services. We are constantly reviewing and revising this as the current

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mlcoa is part of MedHealth

MedHealth supports thousands of people each year to achieve better work and health outcomes. We do this through our unique combination of strengths, capabilities and resources which span employment, medical opinions, advisory, rehabilitation and return to work services. Our 1,700 strong team of committed professionals use their talents to help others realise their potential. Backed with the expertise of more than 1,200 independent medical specialists, we cover all major medical and allied health disciplines. Delivering localised expertise in more than 300 locations across Australia, we are wherever our customers need us most, when they need us.

mlcoa acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land upon which we live and work, and pays respect to Elders past, present and emerging.

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