International services

mlcoa International Services is a dedicated team within mlcoa who deliver independent assessments for individuals residing overseas.

Our specialist medical consultants and support team are highly experienced in the unique complexities of organising and delivering an assessment in the instance that your client or employee is overseas.

We understand the challenges with arranging an assessment abroad and provide an easy and straightforward solution to sourcing suitably qualified medical experts, working within different time zones, navigating language barriers and accommodating different legislative requirements. 

We provide this service globally through our established broad international network to deliver a seamless outcome for all parties involved.

What we can do for you

Our International Services team will support you through the whole process, including:

  • Sourcing and guiding the medical specialist to deliver an in person or telehealth assessment
  • Locating and engaging an allied health professional to support a telehealth assessment when necessary
  • Arranging additional services such as scans or other medical investigations, an interpreter, or document translator if required
  • Coordinating with all parties to arrange an appointment date and time
  • Securely providing the required documentation to all relevant stakeholders wherever they are in the world
  • Advising the specialist medical consultants of the jurisdictional requirements that need to be considered

Our International Service can be adapted to suit your needs for when you require:

  • A single independent medical assessment
  • A multidisciplinary examination for when there are co-morbidities present and opinions from a number of collaborative medical experts would assist
  • A risk assessment of an employees fitness to work
  • Or a tailored solution such as peer to peer advice from a medical specialist; guidance with injury management strategies; or a whole person approach where an allied health professional is needed.

Like to know more?

To make an enquiry, please contact us on 02 8234 1234 or email us at

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