In-house mlcoa events

As well as our state based events, we also host regular in-house events

Make your referral count

We understand you need a quality specialist opinion report that helps you to make the best decision for each unique case scenario. This interactive workshop has been designed to assist new staff or existing team members to make an effective referral for an independent specialist opinion.

Since all cases begin with an injury or illness, effective case management often relies on independent medical information via a report that clarifies the most appropriate decision, goal and/or plan for each unique medical scenario. Participants will gain a greater understanding of what makes a good referral letter, questions to ask the specialist, the best way to phrase your questions and what documentation to provide.

A client’s perspective on IMEs

Join a mlcoa doctor and/or senior team member for an opportunity to better understand a specialist medical assessment from the perspective of our clients.

During this session, we will walk you through the assessment from when the individual client arrives in our rooms to their appointment finishing, as well as provide helpful advice about what you, the referrer, can do to maximise this experience. Plus, our doctor will provide an insight into their appointment with the client, including taking a history of their condition, the examination and responding to your referral.

Introduction to medical terminology

A practical workshop covering medical terminology used in medical reports and clinical records. Helpful topics such as abbreviations, prefixes vs suffixes and medico-legal terms are discussed, and an overview of anatomy and how the body moves will be provided, along with an understanding of the difference between acute and chronic illness. These sessions are ideal for new Case Managers and for anyone wanting a refresher.

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