mlcoa COVID-19 Protocols


With the ongoing COVID-19 situation across Australia, mlcoa would like to reassure our customers, that the safety of our clients, staff, and consultants remain paramount. As a business dealing in healthcare, mlcoa have protocols in place to mitigate risk and look after our people, our customers and the people we are supporting with services.

We continue to take a conservative approach, monitoring and following the respective State Government Health advice, whilst practicing strict COVID-19 health and safety requirements to minimise the risk of transmission of COVID-19 among our people and communities.

At mlcoa our focus will remain on smart triaging and identifying the best and safest method of assessment for each person, that is clinically appropriate, and risk managed.

Flexible Solutions

Whilst we endeavour to provide face-to-face assessments where possible, we would like to reassure you that, telehealth assessments are available and continue to be a safe, efficient, and flexible solution, that bridges the distance to a medical specialist.

On-site peace of mind

At each of our locations we continue to implement a range of measures to safeguard all our visitors, team members and medical consultants, including robust screening protocols. To further mitigate risk we continue to have our staff do regular rapid antigen testing, and medical specialists and clients when risk factors suggest the need.

Our screening of all visitors to our office, including support persons involves seeking responses to the following questions:

  1. Have you or anyone within you household, visited any of the currently listed exposure sites nationally or travelled internationally in the past 7 days?

2. Are you or anyone within you household currently experiencing any cold or flu symptoms?
3. Have you or anyone within your household had a COVID-19 test in the past 7 days?
4. Have you or anyone within your household been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the past 7 days?
5. Have you undergone COVID19 Vaccinations?

We encourage our customers to address the screening criteria with their clients as far in advance as possible. We do this again through a reminder process, and upon arrival to our premises, our front of house team member will again screen against the same criteria.

Appointments that do not proceed for any identified risk can be rebooked after a fortnight upon consultation with our customers. In circumstances where an individual has had cold and flu symptoms, but has been asymptomatic for 48 hours and had a negative COVID19 test, rebooking of the appointment can occur. Please note, as per normal business practices, cancellations within 3 business days may incur a fee – and conditions

mlcoa operates with robust management protocols in line with expert advice on good hygiene, social distancing and other authoritative information for the health sector. Our signage throughout our premises also supports hygiene, behavioural and social distancing messages.

State Specific Requirements

For any visitors attending our premises, we have implemented the following requirements in line with Government Health advice. Please note that if any person is medically exempt from wearing a face mask, we ask that they bring documentation advising of this when visiting our locations that require a face mask to be worn.

The following restrictions are require at all of our consulting rooms as part of our COVID screening:

  • Face masks are to be worn as per state/territory guidelines
  • Must be asymptomatic
  • Customers will be advised if specific consultants have different criteria

Here’s what else we are doing:

  • mlcoa’s parent company, MedHealth, has a dedicated working group continuing to share information, optimise our preparation, and manage any issues that may arise from the COVID-19 outbreak. Our approach, planning and protocols in relation to COVID-19 can be viewed here. We monitor advice from the Health, Work Safety and Government authorities, adapting our plans to align with any updates.
  • We have provided our medical consultants with recommended guidelines for conducting physical examinations in a manner that will limit the risk for all parties involved, including your client.
  • If any of our team members are unwell, we ask they do not come into the office. This is for any illness, whether respiratory or not. It is an especially important principle at the moment.
  • We are following all Australian Department of Health guidelines on travel and self-imposed quarantine.

COVID Matters Newsletter

We know keeping up with the latest evidence-based information on all matters COVID can be time-consuming and even mentally tiring.  Our Research & Innovation team are tracking COVID-related studies and pulling out the information kernels for you; reading through the evidence to ascertain what Australian workplaces most need to know. Click here to view our COVID Matters Newsletters to date.

Talk with us

A big part of dealing with uncertainty is to talk and stay flexible. Let us know what type of services best meets your needs right now so we can assist to make suitable arrangements. And if things change, and you change, we will adapt again. As we always have been, we are here for you.

Please do not hesitate to contact your local mlcoa team on:

P: 1800 652 621

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