Terms and Conditions of Trade

These terms and conditions govern the supply of Services by mlcoa to a Customer.


The Customer has obtained the Client’s consent for mlcoa to provide the Services to the Client and for mlcoa to provide information relating to the Client to the Customer or any person nominated by the Customer.


mlcoa’s provision of the Services depends on the Client and/or the Customer providing appropriate assistance and information. mlcoa reserves the right to decline to supply, or discontinue the supply of, any of the Services at any time.


Unless the Customer and mlcoa have agreed in writing otherwise (e.g. a contracted arrangement), the Customer will:

    • Pay all Fees within fourteen (14) days from the relevant invoice date;
    • Where required to do so by mlcoa, pay any Fees in advance of the Services being provided;
    • Pay the cancellation fees which mlcoa may impose if any of the following occurs:
        • The Customer or Client cancels a consultation within three (3) business days prior to the date of the consultation; or
        • In the case of a Sensitive Service consultation, the Customer or Client cancels a consultation within ten (10) business days prior to the date of the consultation; or
        • The Customer or Client fails to submit paperwork (letter of instruction and file material) for a Sensitive Service case to mlcoa at least seven (7) business days before the date of appointment. If paperwork is not received within this time, mlcoa may cancel the appointment and charge a cancellation fee; or
        • The Customer or relevant Client fails to attend for the provision of any Services.
    • Additional charges that may apply:
        • If the booking involves multiple body systems or conditions to be assessed, and or extensive file material, and or an allied health professional to assist with the physical examination, then additional fees may apply. Please contact our office if you require a quote or would like to obtain further details about how this additional fee is determined, where applicable.

To the extent permitted by law, mlcoa’s total liability to the Customer is limited to the price paid by the Customer for such Services or the cost of their rectification or resupply, whichever mlcoa determines.


Client means any person or entity who or which is referred to mlcoa by a Customer.

Customer means a person or entity who engages mlcoa for a service provided by mlcoa.

Engagement means any engagement of mlcoa for any of the Services.

Fees means the fees payable by the Customer for the provision of the Services, including any applicable cancellation Fees or failure to attend Fees.

mlcoa means MedHealth Pty Limited ACN 141 219 785 (ABN 32 141 219 785) trading as mlcoa.

A Sensitive Service involves a referral relating to a medical negligence case OR to any type of personal injury claim for mental or physical injuries caused by violence, abuse or any criminal or allegedly criminal act.

Services Services means any services provided by mlcoa to the Customer or the Client from time to time, including, without limitation, the provision of medical reports, health care or related advices, medical consultation services, expert opinions, expert witness services and any associated health care management services.

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