Covid-19, the Brain and Cognition

Written by:
Clinical Professor Jonathan Foster, Neuropsychologist

March 2021

The initial focus for clinicians treating COVID-19 patients, was on acute cardio respiratory management. However even in the early stages of the pandemic, there were indications that COVID-19 was impacting the neurological systems of some patients.

mlcoa specialist Clinical Professor Jonathan Foster, Neuropsychologist has reviewed the latest studies on the neurological impacts of COVID-19. It is still early days and is not yet clear if the disease directly infects the brain, or if neurological symptoms are caused indirectly for reasons such as thrombotic complication, inflammatory consequences, hypoxia, or blood pressure dysregulation. The research shows that there is a range of brain related sequelae, being stroke, brain haemorrhage and delirium.

To read more of Prof Foster’s analysis of this research, click here to read his full article.


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