Musculoskeletal Injuries in the Workplace – Risk Management Strategies for Employers

Workplace injuries are costly for everyone involved; from the personal cost to the individual, medical expenses, loss of productivity and low morale, there are many factors that are impacted. We are all responsible for maintaining a safe work environment by following the policies and procedures implemented by the organisation we work for; however, employers also have an obligation to provide a safe workplace and follow the relevant Work, Health and Safety legislation.

Given the environment we work within, we are passionate about injury prevention, which prompted us to bring together a diverse panel to explore the topic of ‘Musculoskeletal Injuries in the Workplace – Risk Management Strategies for Employers’.

Hosted by Jonathan Emmanuel, Client Relationship Manager from mlcoa NSW, we brought together mlcoa Consultant Occupational Physician Dr Mark Floyd, and Stuart Ferrier, Senior Workplace Rehabilitation Consultant from IPAR to share their thoughts and answer your questions.

mlcoa Webinar Exploring Musculoskeletal Injuries in the Workplace – Risk Management Strategies for EmployersStuart talked about his experience with injury prevention in the workplace, and IPARs evidence-based approach to reducing injuries including the use of wearable technology, and Dr Floyd shared the medical considerations in relation to fitness to work, with recommendations for employers to support a healthy and productive workplace. Dr Floyd also provided insights into how to apply medical advice to assist employees to undertake their job roles safely.

Additionally, Stuart and Dr Floyd discussed a number of case studies from a rehabilitation and medical perspective, providing tips to help keep your workforce safe.

With over 180 people joining us for this session, workplace safety is definitely a topic that we are all interested in. If you missed out on joining us for the webinar, you can register for the On Demand recording by clicking here.

If you have any questions, or simply want to learn more about how we can assist, we welcome you to contact us at


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