Work and Health in the Age of COVID-19

In 2020, we have all been exposed to COVID-19 in one way or another. There is no way to avoid it, whether it be a personal impact on your health, the health of a loved one, your employment, or simply being exposed to the constant newsfeeds– it is all around us. Regardless of the impact it is having now, there is one question we are all asking – what happens next?  Given the environment we work within, it was this question that prompted us to bring together a diverse panel to explore the topic of “Work & Health in the Age of Covid-19”. Hosted by mlcoa Marketing and Customer Support Manager Ms Lisa Horsfall, we brought together mlcoa Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Kevin O’Daly, IPAR Senior Psychologist, Ms Josephine Piccolo and Cogent Thinking, Customer Experience Specialist, Mr Alistair Jackson to share their thoughts and answer your questions.

During this session, our panel prompted us to think about how COVID effects both the individual and the community, including the workplace. It was a thought-provoking session highlighting the different impact the pandemic has had on each of these areas. It was strongly agreed that role purpose in work and the value of individual relationships were now more critical than ever.

The panel were able to share some practical tips to help each of us in the new environment, with a key take away being the importance of recognising that while we must physically distance we shouldn’t restrict our need for a social connection, and looking for safe and appropriate ways to do this. Some examples included a socially distanced walk; exercise; and simply checking in and keeping an eye on each other. There was also a discussion of what employment would look like in the future – the potential changes to the workplace, the types of skills job seekers may now require, or the impact for specific industries.

With over 200 people joining us for this session this is definitely a topic that we are all interested in and keen to explore further. If you missed out on joining us for the webinar, you can register for the On Demand recording by clicking here. And stay tuned for some more thoughts from our panel in response to your questions that we couldn’t get to on the day.

There is no doubt that there is a different landscape for the future of work and health, and if you have further questions, or simply want to learn more about the presenters or how we can assist, we welcome you to contact us at


*All views, opinions and conclusions expressed are those of the authors and/or speakers and do not necessarily reflect the view, opinion, conclusion and/or policy of ExamWorks and its affliates.


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