‘The Telehealth Experience’ – your questions answered

Telehealth assessments have become the norm during the COVID-19 pandemic, due to restrictions around in-person appointments and the ease of accessibility. The question on people’s minds is – “how do you know that you’re getting the same service, advice and outcome you would from an in-person assessment?”

It was this question that prompted us to share our experience with telehealth, demystifying concerns and providing some helpful tips on what to expect and how best to approach this type of assessment. We recently held ‘The Telehealth Experience’ webinar, during which Dr Farhan Shahzad, Occupational Physician and Vicky Petropoulos, mlcoa National Account Manager addressed this question and more.

During this session, we shared how mlcoa conducts a telehealth assessment from start to finish – from booking the appointment; how our team and medical specialists triage each individual case to assure that telehealth is a safe and appropriate option for the person being assessed; the support we provide to the person leading up to their appointment and on the day; and the back of house report production and quality assurance processes that we follow to assure the specific needs of each referral are meet. Beyond our approach, Dr Shahzad gave an insight into what the person experiences on the day of their assessment, sharing some of his experiences with telehealth, noting how he effectively conducts a physical assessment via video and then formulates his opinion.

Over 200 people joined us for this interactive session, with Vicky and our New South Wales team sharing the audience’s questions with Dr Shahzad throughout the webinar. The questions we couldn’t answer during the session were documented for your information – click here for the Q&A information sheet. In the coming weeks we will also be sharing a tailored response to some of the mental health queries, along with greater insights around telehealth from a psychiatric perspective.

If the topic of telehealth is of interest and you missed out on our webinar, you can register for the On Demand recording by clicking here.

Behind the scenes NSW GM Jenny Crane, NSW CRM Jonathan Emmanuel and Dr Farhan Shahzad.

Dr Farhan Shahzad and Vicky Petropoulos during the live webinar.

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