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mlcoa Telehealth Assessments

For a quick snap shot explaining telehealth featuring one of our Occupational Physician’s with extensive experience with this type of assessment, please view the video below.

Or for a step by step guide see below for our four part series, featuring videos that explain a telehealth assessment with mlcoa from start to finish – beginning with booking the appointment; how our team and medical specialists triage each individual case to assure that telehealth is a safe and appropriate option for the person being assessed; the support we provide to the person leading up to their appointment and on the day; and the back of house report production and quality assurance processes that we follow to assure the specific needs of each referral is met.

Video 1 – Telehealth booking and triaging process

Video 1 shows our friendly team helping with booking the appointment and how – in collaboration with our specialist consultant – we triage every case before proceeding with a telehealth appointment. Assuring that it is a safe and appropriate method of assessment for the person.

Video 2 – Telehealth support and the consent process

Video 2 details the support that we provide your client leading up to their appointment – with your permission we will contact them to assure they are set up with everything they need for a successful telehealth assessment.

Video 3 – On the day of a telehealth assessment

Video 3 features Dr Farhan Shahzad, Occupational Physician talking about what your client experiences on the day of their appointment, including an assisted assessment with the support of an allied health provider.

Video 4 – Report production unit and quality assurance team

Video 4 talks about our report production unit and quality assurance teams, and the essential contribution they make to provide you with a high quality report that addresses your referral needs.

Want to know more?

The mlcoa approach to telehealth is led by our parent company, MedHealth. You can learn more about our comprehensive approach by reading our telehealth IME white paper.

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