Musculoskeletal Series: Part 1 – Upper Limbs

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Musculoskeletal Series: Part 1 – Upper Limbs

Dr Mark Floyd, Occupational Physician, discussed upper limbs in the first of a three part Musculoskeletal series at mlcoa Adelaide.

Dr Floyd described the difference between an acute, sub-acute, gradual onset and multifactorial injury.

Dr Floyd emphasised the importance of reviewing the history of an injury, interviewing and examining the person, and if available looking at scans, to reach a holistic opinion of the causation of the injury, reach a diagnosis, identify capacity and recommend appropriate treatment pathways for the person. Dr Floyd explained the shoulder anatomy in detail and demonstrated a shoulder examination.

For details of ‘Part 2 – Spine’ and ‘Part 3 – Lower Limbs’ with Dr Floyd later in the year, keep an eye on our Events page.


Positive feedback was given at the end of this event by attendees, with comments such as;

“Fantastic – Dr Mark Floyd presented very informative and real information, was engaging and inclusive.”

“I was happy that the session was modified to one area, as the shoulder is the most useful.“

“Dr Floyd was very knowledgeable and entertaining. Tailored his talk to the audience’s interest, but broad enough to be applicable to a broad range of areas.”

“Thank you. Dr Floyd’s ability to link research studies to practical claims management is brilliant. More sessions with him please!”

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