mlcoa offers consultancy opportunities tailored to your lifestyle, within a best-in-class medical community.


mlcoa provides a customised yet dynamic environment and a consultancy opportunity that is tailored to your lifestyle. Working with mlcoa will generate a significant supplementary income stream, provide both professional and personal fulfilment and secure you a place within a best-in-class medical community.

We are a premier provider of independent medical services including reports, expert advisory, and training and education that enables our corporate, insurance industry, legal profession and government clients to make optimal decisions. Our reach is national with fully staffed offices in each state and an extensive network of regional consulting facilities.

We work closely with you to tailor your work to suit your lifestyle, providing support and assistance every step of the way.

Our support services ensure minimal impact on your clinical practice and full support for those no longer in a clinical role. Our services are extensive and include: customising consulting days to your individual preferences; managing appointment scheduling and administrative tasks such as typing of reports, invoicing and debt management and storage of medical files; assistance with understanding the relevant claims issues and legislations; providing you modern, well-equipped consulting rooms; and even taking care of all travel arrangements, should you choose to consult interstate.

The benefits for you are substantial:

  • Significantly increase your income
  • Enhance your medical report compilation and assessment skills
  • Extend your range of clinical and intellectual stimuli
  • Retain your independence and professional identity
  • No notable increase in medical practice costs
  • No bad debts with your escalation in income
  • No further administrative commitments
  • Responsibilities remain within the normal doctor-patient and related ethical obligations
  • Professional indemnity costs substantially diminish

To register your interest in consulting with mlcoa, or for further information, please contact us or download a brochure.

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