mlcoa’s service is exceptional, responsive and transparent, with the aim to provide optimal outcomes for all clients.


An mlcoa IME is conducted by the appropriate medical specialist of your choice and is a truly comprehensive, legally robust assessment which answers all your questions and addresses diagnosis, causation, liability, prognosis, treatment needs, work capacity, permanent impairment and any other relevant issue.

Worker’s Compensation

mlcoa has a number of medical specialists in each state who are accredited for state-specific Workers Compensation legislation. These resources are supported by our quality review process, which ensures all Permanent Impairment calculations and references are accurate and defendable.

Comcare & Federal Government Assessments

mlcoa can tailor unique services and assessment strategies to suit clients’ specific needs under Comcare policies and legislative frameworks. Take advantage of our 30 years’ experience in the medico-legal arena assessing complex and long-term claims.

mlcoa’s medical specialists are experienced in the provision of reports to Comcare, Commonwealth Government agencies and self licensees under Section 36 and Fitness for Duties. Assessments are conducted by the most appropriate medical specialist to address the relevant issues regarding an individual’s compensable or non-compensable medical conditions and the effect on their capacity to perform their normal job role safely and efficiently.

We give sound, practical advice regarding the management of the relevant influences and the individual’s return-to-work capability in either their normal or alternative duties. This includes assessment of an employee’s capability of undertaking a rehabilitation program with a view to achieving an early and safe return to work.

CTP & Motor Vehicle Schemes

mlcoa offers state-specific Compulsory Third Party Insurance (CTP) IMEs in each state, with our commitment to quality review ensuring that all Permanent Impairment calculations are accurate and defendable.

Life / Income Protection & Disability

An mlcoa Life or Income Protection and Disability IME focuses on assisting cases ranging from original claims right through to closure by utilising medical specialists at key points of case decisions. mlcoa’s partnership with the life insurance industry ensures that mlcoa specialists are retained for complex long-tail claim reviews and early intervention recommendations, as well as in a medical advisory capacity, undertaking integrated IMEs and second opinions. This collaborate approach delivers quality outcomes and shorter claim durations for mlcoa clients.

Fitness For Duty (FFD)

Fitness For Duty (FFD) assessments address the relevant issues relating to an individual’s non-compensable medical conditions and their effect on the individual’s capacity to perform their normal job role safely and efficiently. Conducted by the most appropriate medical specialist, practical advice is given regarding the management of the relevant influences and – in the case of an absence from work – the individual’s return-to-work capability in either their normal or alternative duties.

Benefits to the employer

An FFD assessment provides information that will allow the employer to determine effective and appropriate modifications in the workplace, whether temporary or permanent, which in turn can support the employee’s safe and productive return to work.

The employer is equipped with information to help address long-term leave claims, industrial and workers compensation matters.

Benefits to the employee

An FFD assessment provides a second opinion and the employee is provided with medical advice and recommendations to help them recover from an injury, illness or medical condition. Appropriate modifications can be implemented, supporting the employee’s safe and productive return to work.

Integrated/Panel Assessments

Integrated Assessments

An mlcoa Integrated Assessment consists of separate IMEs undertaken by your chosen specialists, but with the added liaison between the doctors to integrate the reports into a more consolidated representation of multiple medical opinions. This process allows for collaboration to create solutions for all clients, in order to move claims forward in a timely manner. If required, the appropriate specialist will complete a consolidated ‘Executive Summary’ commenting on the reports.

Panel Assessments

Panel Assessments consolidate the detailed information and findings gathered from multiple medical disciplines, such as a Medical Specialist, Functional Capacity Evaluation and Vocational Assessment or any other combination of medical disciplines you request. If required, a panel chairman can be appointed to provide a consolidated overview.


mlcoa Telepsychiatry is a specific professional form of videoconferencing that enables the provision of specialist psychiatric assessments of people living in remote or “under-serviced” areas through the use of mini television cameras, screens and microphones. This allows for the same supportive service conducted by all mlcoa specialists to be maintained, despite the physical distance.

mlcoa Telepsychiatry uses secure internet technology, and every precaution is taken to safeguard the patient’s privacy.

The consultations are not recorded and no other party, except the patient and mlcoa specialist psychiatrist, is permitted to observe the assessment. Patients participating in mlcoa TelePsychiatry consultations do so in secure locations such as local hospitals and community centres. Patients have generally stated that they are more than satisfied with the care that they have received throughout the process and have commented that they felt that telepsychiatry is a reliable form of psychiatric practice.