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GPS2 Service

GPSis a service delivered by MedHealth Group since 1986. MedHealth has developed vast expertise in the provision of specialist examination and opinion services with a large network of contracted medical specialists covering over 30 specialties.

Patients look to their Treating Doctors when they are injured or unwell, however when patients present with a condition involving an uncertain diagnosis, or a condition that is not recovering as expected, Treating Doctors may find it helpful to access a second opinion.

At mlcoa we offer a clinical support service called GPS2, which links Treating Doctor’s to a network of Specialists for prompt independent advice when assisting their patients with a personal injury claim or condition that is impacting their employment.

GPS2 is a patient centric assessment that supports and guides the Treating Doctor’s clinical decision making, to help progress their patient’s recovery and to achieve better health outcomes. The GPS2 service not only supports the Treating Doctor and their patient, it helps drive a positive claim outcome by ensuring the right medical pathway to recovery is being facilitated.

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