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Is my employee fit for work?

Employers have a responsibility to provide a safe workplace for their employees. This can be challenging when an employee has a non-work-related condition that is impacting their ability to undertake their role, leaving the employer with questions such as:

  • Can my employee complete the inherent nature of their role in a safe and sustainable manner?
  • Is my employee’s diagnosis and prognosis accurate?
  • Are they receiving an evidence-based approach to treatment?
  • Do I need to fill their position to maintain productivity in the workplace?

A mlcoa Fitness For Duty report provides clarifies these questions and helps identify what reasonable actions can be taken to support an employee’s ability to perform their role, plus medical advice that could make a difference to how effectively and efficiently the employee recovers & returns to full or suitable employment duties. To find out more please call 1800 mlcoa1 (1800 652 621) or send an email to