mlcoa’s service is exceptional, responsive and transparent, with the aim to provide optimal outcomes for all clients.

Expert Advisory

mlcoa’s trusted team can assist with a variety of specialist medical claims. Our expert advisory services include Early Intervention Reports, File Reviews, Functional & Vocational Capacity Evaluations and Worksite Assessments. Our exceptional, transparent and responsive service aims to achieve optimal outcomes for all clients, allowing for ongoing improvement and resolution of long-term cases.

File Reviews

When conducting a File Review, a medical specialist is provided with relevant medical reports and information which is used to deliver a report without physically examining the patient. They are often conducted when a patient is unable or unwilling to attend the appointment, and are a cost-effective alternative when you need specific answers to issues such as the analysis of medical/healthcare conclusions, evaluation of medical versus non-medical data or evaluation of medical reports and patient records of patients unable to travel or who are deceased.

Early Intervention Reports

An Early Intervention Report is a specialised assessment of claims in their earliest stages, focusing on providing guidance related to causation, treatment needs, work capacity and any other relevant medical issues.

Functional & Vocational Capacity Evaluations

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

An FCE is a comprehensive and objective assessment of a person’s functional ability and physical tolerance for work. It incorporates physiological performance and standardised clinical objective testing procedures.

Vocational Assessments

A Vocational Assessment is a thorough evaluation of an individual’s realistic job options, taking into consideration their strengths, transferable skills and experience and level of physical and/or psychological functioning.

Worksite Assessments

A Worksite Assessment can be conducted by your selected medical specialist as part of the IME process to give the consultant the opportunity to thoroughly understand the demands and dynamics of the work place. This enables them to provide a well-informed, tailored and balanced opinion on the cause of a claimed workplace injury and the individual’s capacity to return to work under a safe and suitable duties plan.

A Worksite Assessment may be required or suggested as the result of an FFD assessment. Some situations in which a Worksite Assessment may be recommended are when:

  • Assistance is needed to identify workplace improvements which will help employees carry out their work more safely and effectively.
  • There are concerns about the way the employee is carrying out their tasks.
  • There are changes in the functional job requirements and there is a need to determine whether or not the person can carry out their tasks or safely use new or changed equipment.
  • There is a need to identify suitable graduated return to work programs.