mlcoa 2020 Specialist Directory released on the 10 February!

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mlcoa 2020 Specialist Directory released on the 10 February!

We are pleased to announce that we are releasing our annual ‘mlcoa Specialist Directory’ on 10 February! We are going green this year with an exciting new electronic format, which as well as being great for the planet has the benefit of the directory being updated regularly, which means it is always current and you are kept up to date on what is happening at mlcoa! Our interactive directory includes:

  • Our Solutions – detailing the broad range of services we offer, education events that we provide and the secure online access available via vault
  • How to choose the right Specialist for your needs
  • Listings of our Consultants, noting their accreditations and locations
  • Where to find us in Australia’s capital cities and the regional centres we visit

To request your copy of our Specialist Directory, please click on the following link:

On 10 February your local mlcoa office will send you an electronic link to our Specialist Directory that can be easily saved to your computer and a printable PDF version!

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