Medical advisory services

We offer a range of specialist, customised advisory services to help you gain clarity about complex health management situations.

Consulting Medical Officer

Our independent medical specialists can work with our customers to form strategies for resolving complex cases. The consulting medical officer (CMO) may provide medical advice for an individual claim, injury management strategies for a group of claims of a similar nature, education around types of medical conditions, or assisting with the interpretation of analytical data from a medical perspective. Whether you are after a CMO to attend in person, or a virtual CMO (v-CMO) that allows you prompt and flexible access to a range of specialists, the CMO solution ensures you receive the expert medical advice when you need it most.

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Desktop review services
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mlcoa offers a range of specialist, non-examination desktop review services that can be modified to suit our customers and their unique needs. A review may be needed when a person is unable or unwilling to attend an appointment. Or, our customers may opt for a review when differing medical opinions have been given.

Our desktop review services include, but are not limited to:

  • Independent medical opinion file reviews, where a face-to-face examination is not needed
  • Surgical opinion reviews
  • Medication reviews
  • Permanent impairment assessment reviews

At mlcoa we offer a clinical support service called GPS2, which allows treating doctors in a case to access a second opinion. This service is particularly useful when a person has a condition with an uncertain diagnosis, or the person is not recovering as expected.

The service links the treating doctor to prompt expert medical advice. GPS2 supports the treating doctor’s clinical decision-making to help progress their patient’s recovery and improve the claims outcome for all.

This process involves:

  • Treating doctor referring to the mlcoa expert specialist
  • mlcoa specialist examining the patient and reviewing clinical file records
  • Medical liaison between the treating doctor and mlcoa specialist
  • A clinical report confirming the right diagnosis and best care management plan
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Second Opinion Service
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The Second Opinion Service provides a comprehensive review of critical case material by a medical specialist, which can include a conversation with the individuals treating practitioner. An insights report will then be completed, inclusive of recommendations on how to best progress the case, the nature of the condition, prognosis and recovery time frames, capacity and return to work opportunities.

The service also provides:

  • Further insight into the condition
  • Guidance on recovery timeframes, including current and anticipated limitations
  • Opportunity for the treating doctor to be more engaged with managing the condition
  • Chance to identify barriers impeding the return to work process at the claim’s outset
  • Better understanding between the insurer and treating doctor about the claims process

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