COVID solutions

All Australian organisations, big and small, are exposed to the lingering impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, through absenteeism, return to work issues, the importance of managing a mentally healthy workforce and compensation costs and risks.

Some of your people are at greater risk than others and effective job redesign measures may solve, avert, or mitigate hazards and consequences.

You may also have employees with underlying health conditions, concerns or anxieties about their health or work. Assessment, advice, and support through occupational health experts can really support decision making and risk reduction.

Addressing illness prevention, recovery and putting in place safety and rehabilitation measures could be the answer to many of your workplace COVID health related issues, and can help facilitate effective decision-making support for your COVID claims.

mlcoa and our workplace rehabilitation partner IPAR can help you to build and manage your COVID health, fitness and wellbeing risk mitigation strategy and provide you with the necessary medical, allied health and vocational services to support your business needs.

Covering both organisations and the individuals in them

We can help at the workplace, at a workforce cohort or at an individual level whether through desktop, onsite, videoconferencing or in-person medical assessments and rehabilitation support. We can also address your general queries and provide onsite or virtual health education and wellness programs.

Just some of the COVID related services we offer are:

Illness prevention and health surveillance

  • Review of vaccination exemption
  • Assessment of long COVID for employees and claimants
  • Fitness to work screening
  • Fit to work certificate
  • Individual health risk profile and management plan
  • Work from home ergonomic assessments
  • Travel health risk screening
  • Treating practitioner support plan
  • Comprehensive health and fitness assessments (in person)
  • Health support hot line (24/7)

Control of workplace exposure and risk management

  • Desk top evaluations and scenario planning
  • Onsite infectious disease risk assessment
  • Job redesign
  • Access to a specialist medical officer or multidisciplinary panel for health support advice and guidance

Compensation claims management

  • COVID causational analysis
  • Illness recovery management plan
  • Capacity to return to work and/or participate in workplace rehabilitation

Workforce safety, health and wellbeing

  • Resilience, health awareness, hygiene education and safe work practice training
  • Critical incident debriefing
  • Emergency outbreak response

Like to know more?

To make an enquiry about our COVID-19 solutions, please contact our team on 1800 652 621 or email

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