Common Workplace Injuries: An Open Discussion Forum

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Common Workplace Injuries: An Open Discussion Forum

On Friday, 16th February in Townsville, mlcoa QLD hosted an education event called “Common Workplace Injuries: An Open Discussion Forum” presented by Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Jason Beer.

Dr Beer discussed some of his recent surgical work with major meniscus repairs, and how in providing the appropriate treatment early in the life of an injury can promote recovery instead of issuing MMI to not progress the outcome.

Dr Beer provided education to the group around whom and what type of injury would benefit from knee surgery. Dr Beer also provided information on which patient group would have the most likelihood of success after undergoing an ACL reconstruction.

Attendees also responded positively to recovery time frames for knee injuries that Dr Beer discussed, while taking the opportunity to ask questions to increase their knowledge of this condition, and appropriate treatment guidelines.

Dr Beer also took the time to answer all questions that attendees have to make the session tailored to everyone’s needs. Dr Beer provided relevant case studies to enhance learning outcomes.

This session was well received by all as it was a new approach used to create involvement and interaction, so that attendees can obtain the information that they require for case specific questions that they have.

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