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Resources & Tools

mlcoa provides our clients with an independent, comprehensive and expert range of value-added services.

Accredited Training & Tailored Education

mlcoa Vault

Simply by registering with mlcoa, clients have access to our secure online Vault service which allows clients to:

  • Book, cancel or reschedule appointments
  • Search for the right medical specialist
  • Access reports and upload files
  • View up-to-date news, events and legislative changes

Visit the mlcoa Vault for more information.

Support Online

Support Online is an email-based enquiry service which gives clients direct access to mlcoa’s team of medical specialists. Clients can ask a question regarding an injury or case and all questions are responded to within two working days. In most cases, the service is free.

For support and advice you can rely on, email mlcoa’s Support online.

SMS patient reminders

mlcoa offers a service which provides patients with an SMS reminder 24 hours prior to their appointment, on the authority of the client. This confirms with the patient the time and place of their upcoming appointment and helps to minimise the risk of missing appointments.

Spin Doctors

mlcoa Spin Doctors are an invaluable tool in understanding healthcare specialties and the medical tests often mentioned in reports. We cut through all the jargon to give you, complete with illustrations, concise meanings of physical musculoskeletal diagnostic tests and guides to understanding healthcare specialties and their most appropriate referrals.

Monthly flyer

The monthly flyer provides state-by-state appointment updates and information about mlcoa’s medical specialists and services to clients each month. Register with your local mlcoa office to receive this monthly update.

National Directory

mlcoa’s comprehensive list of medical specialists in every state.

Referral Letters / Questions to ask

mlcoa understands the quality of an independent medical report relies heavily on the design of the schedule of questions. If the wording of questions within a referral letter is unclear, or if the purpose of the request is not clearly stated, it may result in a less than satisfactory outcome. mlcoa can advise on how to design a suitably tailored schedule of questions for each assessment.

Contact your local mlcoa office with any questions or to register your interest in any of mlcoa’s resources.