mlcoa reports are of the highest quality and delivered on time and service is exceptional, transparent and responsive. We welcome you to call or email us.

Need to book an assessment?

Our website features extensive resources to help you book the right assessment as well as enhance your medical knowledge and understanding. We are here to assist you and welcome you to call us directly if you need our expert advice. Our transparent, responsive service means you can count on us anywhere.

Let us help you

mlcoa’s team of medical specialists have the expertise to review even the rarest of conditions or most complex, multifaceted claims. If you need assistance in determining the most suitable specialist (or mix of specialists), simply call or email us and we will be happy to assist you directly.

There are a number of steps you can take to ensure you get the most out of the independent assessment:

  • Let mlcoa help you determine the amount of time that should be allocated to the appointment to ensure all issues are considered.
  • Advise mlcoa if extra reading time may be required for cases involving extensive paperwork, or if an interpreter will be attending with the patient.
  • Provide all pre-reading to mlcoa at least seven days before the appointment.

mlcoa Vault

mlcoa has designed and developed the ‘mlcoa Vault’ – a secure, custom-built online service to make appointment bookings, find medical specialists and access medical reports, setting new standards in facilitating outcomes for our clients. The mlcoa Vault also allows you to upload referrals, medical reports and paperwork, providing a complete virtual case file for ready access.

View more information about the mlcoa Vault.