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Medication Review

With an increasing range of medication options available, the complexity of the factors related to their prescription and use continues to grow. Medication management is therefore a critical component when considering the overall care and recovery plan for any individual.

mlcoa Medication Review service provides rapid access to trusted pharmacology experts to help better understand the impact medications may be having on an individual, reduce the risk of medicine related complications and support overall recovery.


What type of clinical advice and support does a Medication Review provide?

  • Management strategies to avoid dependence and complications
  • Appropriateness of prescribed medication, including dosage, duration, use and storage
  • Medication alternatives
  • Lifestyle factors that may impact usage
  • Interactions, including side effects, between medicines and contra-indications
  • Impact and consequences on the person’s ability to perform the inherent duties of their work

Who can be referred for a Medication Review?

  • An individual with any type of personal injury claim, whether related to a work or motor vehicle accident or an income protection claim
  • An individual with a medical condition or illness which may be impacting on their capacity and/or safety at work

What locations do you service?

mlcoa offers services throughout Australia, and also internationally. To find out more please contact your local mlcoa office

Monday to Friday, 8.00am-5.30pm

1800 mlcoa1(1800 652 621)