mlcoa is the premier provider of independent medical services, delivering definitive information to enable optimal decisions by clients in the insurance, legal, corporate and government sectors.

Why mlcoa?

Drawing from a pool of over 300 best-in-class medical specialists, mlcoa’s team provide definitive information enabling clients to make optimal decisions with service that is responsive and transparent. The ‘mlcoa Vault’ offers a fast and secure online service to book appointments, find medical specialists and access medical reports, setting new standards in facilitating outcomes for our clients.

Largest provider of Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs) in Australia

mlcoa’s complete range of services include IMEs, expert advisory and training and education. Our specialists provide a clear, independent medical opinion that is based on medical evidence and delivered in the form of a report. mlcoa reports are of the highest quality and delivered on time, with our service widely recognised as exceptional, transparent and responsive.

We have an extensive national presence including key regional centres as well as the capabilities to engage internationally. Our team of more than 500 across Australia and New Zealand are focussed on optimal outcomes for all clients and our best-in-class medical community covers 34 medical disciplines.

The ‘mlcoa Vault’ is another important key benefit. This secure online portal is a dedicated area enabling clients to book, cancel or reschedule appointments as well as upload referrals, medical reports and paperwork, providing a complete virtual case file for ready access.

We are very proud of our ISO accreditations for quality, and occupational health and safety, and we maintain strict compliance policies to ensure adherence at all levels.

Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Melbourne, mlcoa is part of the ExamWorks group, based in Atlanta, Georgia.