WPI & GEPIC Assessments: Challenges Observed

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WPI & GEPIC Assessments: Challenges Observed

Dr Mary Obele, Occupational Physician, Dr Shiva Gunapu, Psychiatrist and Ms Bronwyn Hall, Quality Manager, presented on the topic of Impairment Assessments to an audience of 94 people on Tuesday, 6th September at The Adelaide Pavilion.

During this presentation Dr Obele, Dr Gunapu and Bronwyn Hall provided an overview of their observations and challenges in relation to WPI and GEPIC Assessments following the significant reforms in the Workers Compensation and CTP schemes, from a musculoskeletal, psychiatric and technical perspective. They went through a detailed case study, case law and reference tables to provide the audience with some tools when writing their referral letters. Questions were welcomed throughout the session, and several robust discussions were generated from key Workers Compensation and CTP stakeholders.

Positive feedback was given at the end by attendees with comments such as;

“Very informative & entertaining!”

“Lovely presenter – friendly and knowledgeable.”

“Good to touch base on what info is needed in the report requests we provide.”

“Great to see multi-disciplinary presentation.”

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