Whole Person Impairment: How Does It Work?

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Whole Person Impairment: How Does It Work?

On Tuesday, 21st February 2017, mlcoa NSW hosted an educational event entitled “Whole Person Impairment: How Does It Work?”

Dr Dwight Dowda is a highly regarded Consultant Occupational Physician, permanent impairment assessor and teacher. Dr Dowda was involved in the development of the original NSW MAA Guidelines for Permanent Impairment Assessment, and continues to teach MAA (SIRA) Impairment rating to doctors.

Dr Dowda also was a co-contributor to the NSW WorkCover Guides to the assessment of permanent impairment and has been involved in the development and teaching of the WorkCover impairment training programs (AMA5).

We shared breakfast as we listened to Dr Dowda’s presentation reflecting on how Whole Person Impairment (WPI) assessment has evolved historically and what a WPI means. Dr Dowda described physically assessing impairment using valid objective measurements (in contrast to the disability which is subjectively experienced by the claimant and therefore may vary considerably).

Dr Dowda considered discussed challenges of different AMA guidelines and jurisdiction guidance notes across governance groups in Australia. Dr Dowda heralded a planned national guideline for impairment across all jurisdictions and warmly welcomed its introduction.

Overall the session was quite relaxed and interactive in this smaller group setting, with many questions arising from the attendees. Attendees provided very positive feedback.

We plan to run this event again on Tuesday, 20th June 2017. Please keep an eye out on our Events page for more information.

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