Upper Limbs: An Orthopaedic Overview

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Upper Limbs: An Orthopaedic Overview

mlcoa VIC presented with Dr Jennifer Flynn on Upper Limb injuries – focusing on shoulders. Dr Flynn is an Orthopaedic Surgeon, she engaged the audience from the very beginning and took questions all throughout the session.

The event was held at the Telstra Conference Centre and afternoon tea was provided.

The event was very successful and the audience responded very well to Dr Flynn’s way of presenting. Dr Flynn used pictures i.e. X-Rays, MRI etc. to explain how different types of shoulder injuries are diagnosed and to help them understand what they could come across when reading reports.

Positive feedback was given at the end by all attendees with comments such as; “A useful re-cap of clinical tests. Interesting to understand which orthopaedic tests are used in a surgical setting. Familiar to allied health overall.”, “Appreciated the use of pictures i.e. x-rays, MRI scans etc. to demonstrate together with handing around the shoulder modules” and “Well-presented and easy to grasp information session. Practical examples where good to use and handle”.

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