Understanding The Role Of The IME And The Law

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Understanding The Role Of The IME And The Law

On Tuesday, 14th February 2017, mlcoa NSW hosted an educational event entitled “Understanding The Role Of The IME And The Law”

Dr Dwight Dowda is a highly regarded Consultant Occupational Physician experienced in general occupational medicine. In his role as an Independent Medical Examiner, he specialises in the area of impairment rating, disability assessment, work capacity assessment, Fitness for Duty assessments and occupational rehabilitation.

In Australia, he has lectured extensively at medical and legal conferences on these subjects and has been an ongoing resource for various jurisdictions in impairment evaluation nationally and internationally.

We shared morning tea as we listened to Dr Dowda’s presentation which included:

  • What is an Independent Medical Examination (IME)?
  • What are Responsibilities of the Referrer
  • How the Referral Quality Impacts the Report Quality
  • Testing for Consistency
  • Opinion Formation

Overall the session was full of interesting information, peppered with real life experiences drawn from Dr Dowda’s extensive clinical practice. Dr Dowda clearly outlined the role of the independent medical practitioner and the interface of this role with the law.

Attendees provided very positive feedback captured in the response: ‘Always interesting and on topic when presented by Dr Dowda’. Many attendees commented that Dr Dowda was great at drawing on his experiences to help them understand more complicated ideas and topics. Although small in number due to time constraints, questions were thoroughly answered by Dr Dowda.

We thank Dr Dowda for his time and once again to our attendees who continue to support our monthly events. Keep an eye out for our next educational events on our events page!

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