Understanding The Psychiatric Implications Of Conflict

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Understanding The Psychiatric Implications Of Conflict

A/Prof Philip Brinded, Psychiatrist and Ms Alison Shaw, Mediator & Arbitrator from SHAW Mediation together presented this relevant topic of ‘Understanding The Psychiatric Implications Of Conflict’.

A/Prof Brinded presented a thought provoking session, noting that the workplace is a microcosm of society made up of various individuals, highlighting the need to focus on more than one person when trying to resolve conflict as a numerous people could be influencing the situation. A/Prof Brinded pointed out the importance of considering the ‘whole person’, as the individual may have things outside of the workplace or compensation claim affecting them. He provided a case study about ‘Hazel’ that went into this in detail.

Alison Shaw detailed how a mediator can support and facilitate resolving conflict situations for all parties, including Injured Workers, Employees, Employers, HR Managers, Case Managers and/or Insurers. They can assist with a way forward by facilitating communication without input, as they remain independent due to not having any vested interest in the outcome.

Positive feedback was given at the end of this event by attendees, with comments such as;

‘A/Prof Brinded’s presentation was really interesting and informative – thank you. Was good to hear Alison speak again. I can see us using this service where I work. ‘

Great work, can’t wait for next session.

Very relevant and interesting.

Extremely good – would like another session to be presented by Prof Brinded.

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