Understanding PTSD

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Understanding PTSD

On Friday, 21st April, mlcoa VIC and Dr Frank Chow, Psychiatrist, presented on the complex and difficult subject of “Understanding PTSD”.  Dr Chow defined an appropriate diagnosis of PTSD to the audience and why and how it occurs. Dr Chow explained some of the barriers involved with PTSD and provided an overview of the different types of treatments and therapies used to help an individual overcome the condition.

Using three case studies Dr Chow was able to show the audience three very different outcomes of witnessing or being involved in a traumatic event. All cases showed how critical the correct initial diagnosis was to ensuring that the appropriate treatment is prescribed.

The feedback about this event was extremely well received with comments such as;

“Excellent and insightful session with the ability to ask lots of questions!”

“A thoroughly enjoyable session presenting on alternative and enlightened approach. Very helpful”

“Dr Chow has a common and logical approach to topic, shows he is solutions focused”

“Most engaging session ever!”


We now look forward to presenting “The Knee” which will be presented by Dr John Bartlett on Wednesday, 17th May. For more information on this event, please visit our Events page, or please call (03) 9650 2000.

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