Understanding Fitness for Duty for Non-Work Related Medical Conditions

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Understanding Fitness for Duty for Non-Work Related Medical Conditions

A Fitness for Duty Assessment is usually requested by an employer to determine whether a current employee is able to perform the inherent requirements of their role. Kylie Gould Menz, National Business Development Manager, mlcoa walked the audience through these types of assessments including what is involved, the do’s and do not’s and general advice as to when employers should refer an employee for an assessment. The audience were provided with a snapshot of workplace responsibilities, record keeping and risk considerations, before providing being provided with some tips that would assist them from the initial booking of the appointment through to the follow-up with the employee after the appointment. Kylie handed over to Dr Ryan who interactively went through various case studies to help the audience translate the theory into practice.

The feedback from this session was positively received with comments such as; “Received a lot of practical tips that will help in developing/implementing relevant policies”, “What a fabulous session” and “Great value in case studies”.

“Rheumatology Gems” will be presented by Dr Loretta Reiter on Thursday, 1st December 2016. For more information, please visit our Events page, call 03 9650 2000 or email contactvic@mlcoa.com.au.

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