The Lumbar Spine – We’ve Got Your Back

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The Lumbar Spine – We’ve Got Your Back

A very talented duo of mlcoa’s finest, Dr Simone Ryan, Occupational Physician and Dr Iain Kelman, Orthopedic Surgeon discussed Back Pain, a very common topic that at some stage in our lives we may experience. Back injuries can and do have a significant impact on everyday life and function and in many cases can result in surgery being required.

Dr Kelman provided a very informative insight on the different types of back surgeries and when they might be necessary. Dr Ryan followed with some common conditions and possible red flags or barriers. Dr Ryan discussed treatment after surgery, whether it be medication, physical or even psychological, and what the chances really are of an injured worker returning back to work. Dr Ryan gave tips on how you can assist with a return to work plan. The feedback from this event was exceptionally well received with comments such as; “Both were very informative. Great combination of presenters and content covered”, “Great information from Dr Kelman – Dr Ryan is always great and has real experience we can relate to” and “Good balance of technical and case management info”

“Managing Non-Work Related Chronic Diseases In The Workplace” will be presented by Dr Simone Ryan and Dr Scott Chambers on March 21st. Please got to our Events page for further information. Alternatively, please call 03 9650 2000 or email for any queries.

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