The Link between Mental Illness and Physical Illness

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The Link between Mental Illness and Physical Illness

As part of Mental Health Month mlcoa VIC began our Mental Health Series with Dr Catherine Nyuthe, Psychiatrist presenting on The Link between Mental Illness and Physical Illness. Dr Nyuthe provided the audience with an informative presentation beginning with a discussion with some typical physical conditions, the role of organisational and occupational psychiatry and what this means for an IME.

Dr Nyuthe allowed plenty of time to have an in depth discussion with the audience through Q&A.

Feedback from this session was well received with comments such as; “Really great and relevant topic. Great strategies from questions”, “Very informative – particularly enjoyed the discussion about ADLs form a psychological perspective” and “I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and found it got my mind going on the different aspects of RTW and mental health”

Join us for Mental Health 2: Drugs and Alcohol with Dr James Hundertmark on October 17th. To find out more details please contact our VIC team on 03 9650 2000 or

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