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The Knee

mlcoa Vic along with Dr John Bartlett, Orthopaedic Surgeon, presented on the highly requested topic ‘The Knee’.

Dr Bartlett discussed the different parts of the knee and their function. To assist the audience to visually understand the knee Dr Bartlett referenced the difference between an injured and uninjured knee using photos from some of the surgeries he personally performed.

Dr Bartlett went through some of the more common injuries and likely causes i.e. twisting of the knee can cause the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) or meniscus to tear.

Dr Bartlett gave a case example of a 55 year old woman with a twisting knee injury and what type of surgery is recommended if anything at all. Dr Bartlett also discussed the recovery time after surgery, physical therapy and what type of drugs would be suitable for pain relief.

The feedback from this event was well received with comments such as;

“Great content probably pitched at the right level and discussed content relevant to the medico legal audience”

“Very informative. Clearly explained. Great engagement with audience thank you!”

“Great presentation. Very factual”

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