The Impact of Drugs & Alcohol on Society and the Workplace

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The Impact of Drugs & Alcohol on Society and the Workplace

mlcoa SA recently presented on ‘The Impact of Drugs & Alcohol on Society and the Workplace’.

On Wednesday, 25th October Dr James Hundertmark, Psychiatrist noted that Alcohol is the most commonly used drug in Australia followed by Cannabis and Methamphetamine.

Dr Hundertmark discussed the effect that substance misuse can have in the workplace and the occupational groups that have a history of being at risk of excessive consumption, including some statistics from studies that have been undertaken. He suggested that Employers consider a multi-faceted approach to their workplace drug & alcohol policies that could include an assistance program with the provision of information & education plus regular drug & alcohol testing.

Dr Hundertmark provided a number of case studies from differing social and workplace backgrounds, noting how their substance use has impacted their personal and work life.

The option to SMS questions during the session was provided to attendees. Some examples the questions that the audience asked Dr Hundertmark were, ‘Are there any resources that employers can access to assist them to develop a drug and alcohol program?’ and ‘Can you provide any information on the increase of abuse on prescription medications such oxycodone in the work place?’.

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