The Examinee Experience Educational Event

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The Examinee Experience Educational Event

On Tuesday, 15th November, mlcoa SA hosted “The Examinee Experience” in their offices which was presented by Dr Mark Floyd, Occupational Physician, and Michelle Carse, mlcoa SA General Manager, to an audience of 25 people.

Michelle Carse introduced the session and explained the journey of the examinee from the point of initial contact with mlcoa, through attending the rooms and meeting the specialist doctor. Michelle highlighted that our goal is for the patients experience to be as pleasant as possible.  Michelle discussed with the audience the importance of consent, privacy, the use of interpreters when required and the option of a support person and/or chaperone being present during the examination.

Dr Floyd then continued stepping the audience through the patient experience as they meet the doctor, walk into the consultation room and begin the consultation. He demonstrated some of the diagnostic testing that are utilised during the physical examination.

This interactive session allowed for questions to be asked and discussed throughout the presentation. Dr Floyd was also able to provide examples from his experience, so that attendees were able to gain a greater understanding of the different situations that can arise during a consultation.

Positive feedback was given at the end of this event by attendees, with comments such as;

“Great insight into what occurs, and what our employees can expect. Well delivered and very worthwhile.”

“Dr Floyd is a great doctor and provided a good understanding of the IME process. Very pleased with today’s session.”

“Will be referring to Mark!”

“Always useful to get an understanding of how an appointment like an IME is structured, given I refer for so many but have never undergone one.”

“Great insight into the claimant experience.”

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