The Examinee Experience Educational Event

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The Examinee Experience Educational Event

mlcoa Victoria presented on a very popular topic, The Examinee Experience on Friday, 9th September. We run this presentation on a quarterly basis and the response is always outstanding. This session helps case managers and HR Managers to understand what their employees and claimants go through when attending a typical IME assessment.

Over lunch Kylie discussed important tips on how to maximise their referral for IME through considered pre-planning. Attendees were taken into a consulting room where they were able to spend 20 minutes hearing from Dr Floyd and then 20 minutes with Dr Grant regarding the examinee’s general experience while also being able to ask specific questions of the specialists.

The feedback from this event was well receive with comments such as; “Very good. Provided some excellent advice. Will implement systems which will assist both employees and IMEs”, “insightful/definite take-a-way, to improve overall experience and quality of referrals” & “As usual another very well run session”

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