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The Ageing Workforce


For our first tool box talk of 2016, NSW customers were provided with the opportunity to share in an extremely informative session with Occupational Physician Dr Simone Ryan around “The Ageing Workforce” and how it is impacting both employees and employers. We had 40 attendees from a diverse range of clients including HR, commercial insurers, Rehabilitation teams, Federal Government departments and income protection.

Dr Simone Ryan is a well-respected Consultant Occupational Physician with experience in general occupational medicine. In the recent past Dr Ryan was responsible for developing policy, standards and procedures; ongoing risk assessment and continuous monitoring and improvement of the Qantas Medical Services to enhance the health, safety and wellbeing of Qantas’ customers and employees.

The presentation, held in Sydney on Monday 21st March 2016, explained the biology, physiology & psychology of ageing and also explored ideas of designing an age friendly worksite and building action plans to assist in retaining the “ageing” workforce and their expertise in their relevant fields.

In addition, Dr Ryan summarised key considerations around the ageing workforce that included, although was not limited to:

  • Some aspects of intelligence decline with age, but generally not until late in life
  • Some aspects of intelligence are maintained or increase with age
  • Individuals can stave off the effects of intellectual ageing through activity and good health – continuing to work
  • There are multiple ways that intelligence can be expressed: creativity, practicality, emotions etc.
  • Intellectual expertise and wisdom can be developed

This presentation was well received by the audience, with feedback describing this session as a “very informative”, “very engaging” and an “excellent presentation” by a “very passionate and knowledgeable presenter”.  This was a fantastic opportunity for all who attended the session to take away some key learnings and ideas to better accommodate the “ageing workforce” amongst different industries.

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