The Ageing Brain at Work

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The Ageing Brain at Work

mlcoa NSW and Neuropsychologist, Dr Wayne Reid presented on the topic ‘The Ageing Brain at Work” on Wednesday, 13 June 2018. Dr Reid started his presentation reminding us about healthy ageing and the normal cognitive changes associated with increasing age. He then outlined brain disorders which appear in the ageing population. He defined what neuropsychology is and outlined the elements of a cognitive history and how cognitive domains are assessed.

Dr Reid talked about the determinants of behavioural and cognitive dysfunction in the workplace and what cognitive skills are important for occupational functioning. He concluded with considering the next steps following the neuropsychological assessment and answering attendees’ questions.

Feedback was summarised by one of our attendees, “an extremely good presentation by a totally engaging presenter”. Now we are all considering how to keep our brains as healthy as we can as the clock keeps on ticking.

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