That’s a Wrap: Giving Resilience Momentum

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That’s a Wrap: Giving Resilience Momentum

Dr Paul Pers, Occupational Health Consultant and mlcoa SA hosted “Giving Resilience Momentum” in Adelaide Thursday, 4th October.

Dr Paul Pers discussed how changing language we use from negative to positive we can change our emotional reactions and empower ourselves to bounce back from difficult experiences and become more resilient.

Dr Pers gave an example of a patient who was overweight and depressed, was prescribed anti-depressants, blamed others for her condition and was planning on harming herself. In an attempt to help her Dr Pers said, “Is it alright if I give you some advice? How good would it be to live the rest of your life as you wish?” By using positive language a seed was planted and this patient has turned her life around – ceased taking anti-depressants, had a successful sleeve gastrectomy procedure, goes to the gym 3 times a week and walks regularly. She has stated that she “washed the negative thoughts down the drain”.

Focus on strengths, interests, abilities and capacities rather than limitations will assist in building resilience

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