That’s a Wrap: Bullying in the Workplace

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That’s a Wrap: Bullying in the Workplace

mlcoa Psychiatrist, Dr Melissa Barrett presented on the topic of ‘Bullying in the Workplace: Implications for Work and Consequences for Mental Health Disorders’ on Wednesday 24 October.

Dr Barrett commenced the presentation with definitions around the topic of bullying including the legal definition from the House of Representatives, which came from the 2012 inquiry into Workplace Bullying. Dr Barrett described the “perfect storm” that can lead to bullying and perceptions of bullying. She described the impact of personality types on bullying, both from a perpetrator and the person perceiving they are being bullied perspective.  She discussed how certain personality types are more vulnerable to bullying and perceptions of bullying.

Dr Barrett described how issues in the workplace including non-compliance, hierarchical environments, isolated environments and the impact of technology all can play a role in increasing the likelihood of bullying occurring.

Many questions were fielded from the responsive audience. The presentation can best be summed up by one attendee who said the presentation “was very informative with good examples. A talk not to be missed and well worth repeating in the future”

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